It's a Woman's World

Main cover of the photoshoot Seventeen by Sophia Tat. Click to view the rest of the photodshoot.Black and white image of man swinging on a rope over water. Two cut outs of the man. In center of the page there is the title Seventeen in a red font.
Cover image of the shoot, Its a Woman's world. Click the image to view the rest of the photoshoot, shot by Sophia Tat. Black and white image of a Woman with ripped fishnets over her face. Posing with her arm above her head, looking off into the distance. Big red text on the left of the image that says Its a womans world
Text, Recent shoots. Click Image to view recent shoots. A close up black and white image of a man playing a guitar, with splatter of blood on the guitar. A double layered cut out of the guitar.