About Tat

Digital Photo of Sophia Tat in a cool shack. I am wearing a fur coat with my hand over my head. I am sitting on a coach looking into the camera
I am Sophia Tatonetti, also known as Sophia Tat. I grew up in South Jersey and now I live in Philly. My site "" is coded from scratch, every little detail was personalized by me. What? I am looking forward to sharing my photography with the world. Why? I want people who enjoy photography to be able to excess my work, along with companies who are looking for photographers to hire. How? I am going to continue to share my best photographs and projects.

I got into photography in 2020 when my mom gave me a 7-year-old Nikon Coolpix S3600 digital camera. I would take pictures of my friends for fun, not expecting it to turn it into a career. In 2024, I am now a Communication Major and Commercial Photography Minor at Saint Joseph’s University. I am Skilled in various photography techniques. I excel at both digital and film photography. I’m passionate about bringing visions to life and eager to advance and make a mark in the industry. In addition, I know how to code, create graphics, record and edit audio.

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